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An automated guided vehicle (AGV) can be built with as little as two Roboteq components: An MGS1600C magnetic guide sensor, and one of the many dual channel motor controllers available in Roboteq’s catalog. This application note will use a Roboteq MDC2260 dual channel controller, however the techniques described are identical for all other controller models.


RoboCAN is a Roboteq proprietary meshed networking scheme allowing multiple Roboteq motor controllers to operate together as a single system. This protocol is extremely simple and lean, yet practically limitless in its abilities. It is the preferred protocol to use by user who just wish to make multiple controllers work together with the minimal effort. In RoboCAN, every controller can send comma...

One of the most interesting features of electric motors when used in drive train application is that they can also behave as generators, and thus recharge the vehicle's battery while braking. Roboteq's motor controllers can easily be programmed to take advantage of this characteristic in a controlled manner.

Max Amps is one of the most important criteria when selecting a motor controller. Different vendors use different approaches when rating their products making comparison difficult. Here is how you can sort things out.

Understanding Regeneration

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Motors become generators when forced to turn while no or reduced power is applied. This phenomenon brings interesting benefits in terms of energy efficiency but it also introduces challenges in system design. Understanding the physics and implications of regeneration is critical in many applications.

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I've worked with a lot of motor controllers and I have to say that so far these are the BEST I've worked with. Great job on the design and the software.


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I've been in product development and engineering for quite a few years and I feel this is the best manual I've seen in that time. It's complete, relevant and explanatory. Well done!

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Best Sellers

Brushed DC

HDC2450 2 x 150A or 1 x 300A, 50V, Encoder, USB, CAN
XDC2230 2 x 120A or 1 x 240A, 30V, Encoder, USB, CAN
MDC2460 2 x 60A or 1x 120A, 50V, Encoder, USB, CAN
LDC1460 1 x 120A, 50V, Encoder, USB, CAN
SDC2130 2 x 20A or 1 x 40A, 30 or 50V, Encoder, USB, CAN
SDC1130 2 x 40A, 30V, Encoder


Brushless DC

HBL2360 1 x 75A, 60V, Encoder, USB, CAN
VBL2360 2 x 75A, 60V
HBL1660 1 x 150A, 60V, Encoder, USB, CAN
VBL1660 1 x 150A, 60V
MBL1660 1 x 120A, 60V, Encoder, USB, CAN
MBL1330 1 x 75A, 60V, Encoder, USB, CAN
SBL1360 1 x 30A, 60V, Encoder, USB, CAN

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