RIOX - Robot IO eXtender

Roboteq's Robot IO eXtender is a smart input/output and communications module specifically intended for Robotics applications. It is the perfect companion to your Roboteq Motor Controller, PLC or Embedded Computer, thanks to its many interfaces to commonly used robotic sensors and actuators.


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Know Your Heading


The RIOX has a 9 Degree of Freedom (DoF) accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. That’s not including, of course, its fusion algorithm for creating a precise Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). The RIOX Electronic Compass and Artificial Horizon functionality, when added to Roboteq's extensive offering of motor controllers, opens a world of applications in sea, land or airborne unmanned robotics vehicles.


Stay Balanced

A self-balancing robot or scooter is easy to create when you know its inclination with precision and in real-time. Roboteq's RIOX's 3-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer work together to precisely sense and accurately compute this information. Fast communication with the Motor Controller ensures the robot's quick response and stability.

Lit Lights, Activate Coils, Make Noise


The RIOX features 12 inputs, each of which can be individually configured as digital, 0-5V analog, or as a pulse input. In the pulse mode the inputs can capture pulses from RC radios, frequency, duty cycle, or counts from quadrature encoders. Two Analog Outputs and up to 16 industrial-grade and protected Outputs are available for connecting lights, solenoids, buzzers or any device with 1A max load. In short, this means you can interface Roboteq's RIOX with practically anything.

Avoid Obstacles Inexpensively

Inputs on Roboteq's RIOX can be used to connect up to 12 ultrasound distance sensors for 360-degree obstacle detection and environment mapping. These inexpensive and highly accurate sensors offer millimeter resolution over a four-meter range.


Grab and Move Things


Each of the RIOX's 12 Digital Inputs can be configured to generate a variable width pulse for driving RC servos. Use any of the thousands of commercially available servos for building low cost Robot Arms, Pan & Tilt Heads, Gimbals or anything else you need to move.


Smart IO or IO with Smarts?

Communicate with Anything


Connect your PC and …


A free PC utility is available for configuring the module, monitoring in the state of the inputs and outputs, viewing the AHRS data, and for editing MicroBasic scripts.

Backed by a Team That Cares

AHRS Works Great

I love how it reacts to how I move it. I also love how it handles quick movements like dropping it from an angle on my desk. I am going to recommend implementing RIOX in my customer's projects. Thank you very much for all your support.

A.M. - Netherlands

Very Elegant Solution

We are incorporating Roboteq's dual channel Motor Controller, Magnetic Guide Sensor and RIOX in our AGV. The pieces fit nicely together. Roboteq helped us with the entire system in ways that would not be possible from separate products and vendors

B.D. - USA