ax2850 encoder problem : wrong value

16 years 1 week ago #18058829 by Simon
My team own an ax-2850 and we have difficulties to use the encoder Module. I have some questions for you.

1)My encoder have 500 counts per turn, no gear ratio (1/1), with 0-5V channel signal. I have checked my connection and probed both channel of the encoder; everything works fine. So I would expect to see a value aroun 500 after one complete rotation. But when I use the ?Q2 to see the actual value of my encoder; the value is aroung 40000 ( going in the positive direction)! When I move my wheel of few degrees, I read a value under 200. I don't know what is causing that multiplication.

For the next questions, I have searched the forum but didn't find any answer.

2)In the manual (v1.7, February 1, 2005, 180p.) at p.99, for the param 01, it is written that we need to add 128. So the converson would be (0) -> 128 (dec) -> so set it at 80 (hex), (1)-> 81, ... (6)-> 86???

3)How does the ?Z calculate the speed? What is the units for that speed? Does the PID compare that speed tu the reference speed?

4)When I am in Separate A, B, speed control, closed loop, when I send the command !B3F, does the controller will use the PID to go to 3F (using it as the reference) on the channel B and after a moment if I use the ?Z command will it be at 3F?
If this is wrong, how to I proceed to set speed for the PID?

Thank you,

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