AX1500 catastrophic failure.....

14 years 7 months ago #28257390 by damonwill
AX1500 catastrophic failure..... was created by damonwill
OK, So I've had my AX1500 for about three weeks now and it has performed awesome in my robot. No problems, no complaints. I've been able to drive it around for a couple hours continuously. But today, I powered her up and drove her for about 30 seconds....then she went dead. I checked the batteries, connections, mounts, cooling fan, everything. Then I looked at the AX1500. The status light wasn't flashing at all. It usually does the one flash, RC mode. I tried to remove the power and turn on and off a couple time, but nothing. Then I removed the board and connected it up to my connection.... I've changed nothing on my laptop, or robot and was driving slowly on a smooth surface. I can't figure out what happened....Its only three weeks old... What are my options?? Warranty? Repair services?? Its a great board, a little expensive, but a great board. Please let me know ASAP.

Oh, and I don't see any burn marks on the board, or any burning smells, the inline main fuse didn't blow, and I'm running it well under the maximum rated power.


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14 years 7 months ago #28273702 by cosma
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This sounds most unusual. Your product would be under warranty. Please contact us via <A href="" target=_blank> to arrange for the exchange.

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