AX2550HE dead?

14 years 1 month ago #29524887 by Jason3
AX2550HE dead? was created by Jason3
Hi there,

My AX2550HE controller appears to be dead. On connecting the battery, there\'s the usual spark, but no LED\'s lit on the display, and no action. I\'ve tried cycling the power, but doesn\'t seem to help.

It sat unused (inside) for perhaps 3 or 4 months since last use, when it was working just fine. About a year ago it was behaving strangely after getting water in the D-sub connector plug, but after drying that out it went fine for the next few months. It hasn\'t had a lot of use all up, but change in circumstances means I\'d really like to get it going again!

It\'s in use in my electric quad (, battery voltage is 22.2 nom. Control is analog via a potentiometer throttle.

Many thanks for your help, and best regards, Jason.

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14 years 1 month ago #29524888 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:AX2550HE dead?
It is quite unusual that the controller would go totally blank like this.

Try powering the controler via the yellow wire

See if you can establish communication with the PC.

Measure the consumption with an amp meter. If active, you should measure 100 to 250mA.

If confirmed dead, please contact us at to arrange for repair.

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