AX2550HE odd default startup

14 years 6 months ago #29524952 by timraymund
AX2550HE odd default startup was created by timraymund
I need some help with the firmware on an AX2550HE.

When we first applied 12 VDC to our brand new AX2550HE, it booted up to a display with the upper left segment and center cross segment lit (motor 2 forward, motor 1 reverse). We isolated the motor controller from the rest of the system (which wasn\'t even booted) - the motor controller would reliably do this immediately on application of 12 VDC to power control with the D-Sub connector disconnected.

Rather unhappy with having both motors running at 100% on powerup, we connected a laptop and used the Roboteq Controller Configuration utility to select a quiescent startup (motors at 0%, RS-232 mode), but the motor controller has now reset itself on one occasion to starting up with both motors running full blast again.

I believe that the motor controller reports version 1.9d. Is there a newer/different version we might try?

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14 years 6 months ago #29524958 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:AX2550HE odd default startup
There is a new version of the firmware available for download. However, 1.9d is very stable and the controller is not supposed to start at full blast, obviously.

Set it to RS232 mode with roborun and verify that the controller starts with the motors stopped after power up with nothing attached to the connector.

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