AX3500 - "no ctrl" after R/C system change

13 years 10 months ago #29524987 by PIXELPUNK10010
AX3500 - \"no ctrl\" after R/C system change was created by PIXELPUNK10010
My AX3500 v1.9 was running fine until I upgraded my RC system and now I get the \"no ctrl\" message.

Previously my R2 unit was set up with:
AX3500 controlling his foot motors.
Syren controller powering his dome rotation.
Both were connected to a VEX R/C receiver.
Syren powered the Receiver so the AX3500 loop is cut.

What I changed:
I removed the VEX system (it was borrowed) and replaced it with a Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz system using the A617FS model receiver.

Now when I power everything on the AX3500 says \"no ctrl\"

I have already taken the following steps:

1. Charged all batteries to full
2. Drove the AX3500 via RoboRun to ensure it was working
3. Checked all channels on the Receiver to be sure they were working. I didn\'t have a servo laying around so I connected Syren controller to each channel and rotated the dome with it.
4. Unplugged the Syren, reattached the loop on the AX3500, and attempted to run it with just the one controller attached.

All attempts have resulted with the same \"no ctrl\" message.

Please Advise.

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13 years 10 months ago #29524988 by PIXELPUNK10010
Replied by PIXELPUNK10010 on topic Re:AX3500 - \"no ctrl\" after R/C system change
Since my last post I have added a battery directly to the receiver and it now recognizes the signal.

Unfortunately, I now have a runaway robot any time the transmitter is turned on. The only way to stop him is to recycle the power on the Receiver and keep the transmitter off.

Recycling the power to the AX3500 alone is not enough, if the receiver hasn\'t been recycled then it runs away immediately after the speed controller is back on line even with no transmitter on.

I\'m a n00b and I could use any advice available.

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13 years 10 months ago #29524989 by cosma
The controller has a 5V that will power the radio. YOu will need to use the supplied connector+cable and keep the wire loop uncut.

If it worked with your old radio and not with the new one it may be that the new radio will not work below 5V. Otherwise verify that the radio will accept the 5V arriving from the cable that is plugged in channel 1.

Note that if you turn of the transmitter, you should have the controller stop automatically since it is not receiving any signal anymore.

Some of the fancier receivers can be configured to make the servos go to a given position when signal is lost. In this case, the radio will always send a signal to the controller and no signal loss will be detected. If this is happening, you will need to reconfigure your radio.

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