AX2550(HE) power regulator help

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So i got my joystick hooked up to the USB port on my laptop, and i got my AX2550(HE) hooked up to my laptop as well using the serial port. Now when i move my joystick forward, back, left, or right i get my peek power of 127 witch is great except i can\'t have that for my forward speed. What are some suggestions as a way to limit my forward only speed and keep the rest at 127.

Would i need resistors? and if so where would i place them?

Would i need some kind of code to limit that speed? and if so how would i be able to obtain that.

I am in Analog mode, and i am not using closed loop.

I have everything figured out except this one problem of my power/speed being too high for the forward.

have a 6.2 mph cap and can not exceed that

thank you very much for reading and hope to have some help soon.

I can post pics up if needed for a better understanding of what i am working with


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The is not much that you can do if your joystick is USB.

If the joystick is analog and it is connected to the analog input, then you can try placing a resistor between the 5V and the pot (to the pin you would otherwise connect directly to the 5V)

Try a 1K resistor to start, and increase 1K at a time.

Note that doing this will reduce the max forward speed but it will also shift the center position of the joystick (ie might make the motor go slowly in reverse when joystick is centered). If that happens, it may be possible to physically rotate the pot mounting to compensate for this.

Let us know if you can resolve the max forward speed problem and what value resitor and joystick resistor you are using. There may be ways to resolve the centering problem if you cant physically rotate the pot.

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