AX3500 help on loading encoder code

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AX3500 help on loading encoder code was created by gsequeira

We have an AX3500 here. We had everything working until yesterday when our battery terminal touched MCU1 ICSP pins by mistake. This unfortunately blew off two pins.

When we powered it back, nothing happened, which was expected. I do get the firmware revision and date on the console which keeps repeating itself. However I get \"Bad Data Received\" when trying to load/save parameters to the board.

To make sure, I updated the board to the latest version 1.9g which went through successfully. But I still got the \"Bad Data Received\" error. So I decided to update the encoder firmware too. However the progress bar does not continue and I get a \"Quit or Retry\"

So, it\'s one of the following..
1.> The encoder controller is blown. The only way to fix it is replacing it. I\'m hoping the other parts work fine.

2.> Some how lost it\'s firmware/bootloader and I cannot get the utility to work.(I asked here: for the modified utility)

3.> Is it possible to disable the encoder part of the board? We are not using it.

4.> Will Roboteq replace/repair it for us.


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