RS232 and R/C Mode switching via AN1001

14 years 2 months ago #29525155 by mjcarroll
I searched through the forums, application note, and manual, and couldn\'t find anything on it, so I thought that I would ask here.

I have constructed the circuit from the Application Note 1001 to switch my AX2550 from serial mode to radio control mode on the fly.

I am powering on the AX2550 in R/C mode with the serial TX line connected, as per the AN, and then sending the 10 carriage returns to switch it to RC mode.

At the same time, my R/C hardware, a Futaba receiver, is connected to the motor controller via R/C input 1.

I have found that when my R/C transmitter is on, the motor controller will never go into serial mode, but will go into it as soon as I turn the transmitter off.

This doesn\'t seem to follow what the application note implies, and the rest of the switching seems to work correctly (the alternate setting giving me two channels of R/C control)

Any insight into this issue would be helpful.


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14 years 1 month ago #29525159 by cosma
Replied by cosma on topic Re:RS232 and R/C Mode switching via AN1001
Make sure that you have the relay wired properly so that pin 3 on the connector is relayed to either the radio or to the rs232 port.

The other part of the relay is used to reset the controller. If you see the controller reseting, then the relay is clicking OK.

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