ax3500 servo control

12 years 11 months ago #29525247 by seesoe
ax3500 servo control was created by seesoe
hello, i have the ax3500, and i am trying to get it to control my rover through rc, i have it hooked up to the Pololu Micro Maestro .

the controller is in rc speed position mode.

however when i use the test software that comes with the servo controller, it only works in reverse.

about 3/4 of the way till the end of the slider (255) is where the 0 point is for the motors, the first 3/4 is full power revers, and the last 1/4 is forward, but because its being 1/4 its only giving 1/4 the power to the motors

any ideas that i could try or why?

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12 years 11 months ago #29525248 by roboteq
Replied by roboteq on topic Re:ax3500 servo control
First, make sure the controller behaves correctly using the supplied PC utility.

If it does, then applying a 1.5ms pulse with make the motor stop, 1.0ms go to full reverse, 2.0ms to full forward.

The controller is also quite sensitive about the pulses being at least 3.0V (3.2V is normally min). However, a too low pulse voltage level normally results in either erratic behavior, or no response at all (LED flashing \"no ctrl\"). So this would not be your problem.

Notice also, that in the Power tab of the pc utility, you can limit the max power of each channel. Make sure the output gain is at 100% for both channels

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12 years 11 months ago #29525249 by seesoe
Replied by seesoe on topic Re:ax3500 servo control
thank you for the replay, i used roborun to verify that the controller is operating ok and all the power settings are at default, and everything seems to work perfectly fine with it.

i did possibly find the problem, i just can\'t figure out the right settings for the servo controller

i was able to mess with some of the timing settings for the controller and got some different results, however i couldn\'t dial in the correct ones. here is some information on the settings im having trouble figuring out.

- Rate
- 8-bit neutral
- 8-bit range
- Period

here is some more information on the supported HZ (i have the 6 channel controller)

i guess my question would be what hz would i need to be operating in? and if my servo controller is limited, can the rc ana specific settings in roborun be changed to compensate for the controllers lack of capabilities if so what?

thank you

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