SDC2150 does not start anymore after updating

10 years 10 months ago #29526271 by JAm1
Hi I have a problem with my SDC controller. It does not start anymore. I used the firmware file in this thread

when i connect the controller now my computer just beeps and says that the usb device not recognized. I cannot use the serial update to re-update because it says controller not found.

when i set up a serial monitor it just outputs \"Starting...\" repeatedly

the status LED in my controller blinks the STATUS led for around half a second then blinks the USB led once then repeats blinking the status led then the usb again. It repeats this cycle

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10 years 10 months ago #29526273 by roboteq
You can force the controller in updade mode as follows:

To bring the controler in USB programming mode, you need to put a wire between pin 2 and 6 on the 8-pin header and restart. Then launch the DFU loader utility from the Start>Programs>Roboteq menu

Pins number is as follows

Edge of board - 8 - 7- 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Pin 8 is near the edge of the board, pin 1 is near the 15 pin connector.

After you jumper the header pins and you restart the controller, it will be in DFU mode. If you have the USB cable connected, windows will detect a DFU device and install the driver.

Alternatively, you can install the firmware via the serial port. For this, you need a cable that connects pins 2,3,5 of the 15-pin connector to pins 2,3,5 of the PC COM port or a Serial to PC adapter. You will also need the version of the firmware with the .bin extension.

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