SDC2130: DOUTs don't work from Robotrun+

11 years 8 months ago #29526275 by sd1074
Hardware: SDC2130
Firmware ID: Roboteq v1.2 RCB100 08/24/2011
Mode: USB (Roborun+)

I am trying to set DOUT1 and/or DOUT2 to high level (I am going to use them for brake coils, but now they are disconnected). I measure voltage between pins 1/5, and 9/14, but it\'s always 0.
I tried different modes for Digital Outputs in the Configuration tab. Like \"Motor is On\", etc. I see that DOut1 and DOut2 icons/buttons in the Run tab do change to active appropriately (or I change them manually), but the output voltage on the pins is always 0.

Voltage between 13/14 is 5V as it should be.
Motors\' PWM Signals work fine.
The motor controller is new, nothing bad happened to it, so it should be working.

What can the problem be about? How to trouble shoot it?


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11 years 8 months ago #29526279 by roboteq
Replied by roboteq on topic Re:SDC2130: DOUTs don\'t work from Robotrun+
The outputs are Open Collector. That means that you will not measure any voltage. You need to have your load connected between the output and a positive voltage up to +24V. See manual.

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