Spektrum satellite control weird behaviour +SDC2130

9 years 11 months ago #29527693 by essence25
I have the Spektrum small satellite connected via the 3 wire socket to the SDC2130 and binded, all works ok until I plug in the black RS232 wire into the controller then the motors instantly stop and no control via the Spektrum DX7 radio. If I pull out the black COMM connector the DX7 radio control resumes back to normal.

I have the priorities 1. Spektrum 2. Serial 3.None 4.None.
No matter what selection of the priority the spektrum radio does not work as long as the serial cable is plugged in.
The other end of the cable db9 port does not even need to be plugged anywhere, just the cable alone, as soon as it is plugged into the controller it kills the spektrum control.

What can be the problem?

I have the RS232 safety watchdog at 1000ms and tried 0 with same result.
Satellite receiver light is on and steady at all times when the DX7 is on. I never seen the spektrum status software led come on ever.

Also noted sometimes if I unplug the black serial cable and plug it back in, the satellite receiver blinks continuously, however once I pull out the rs232 cable spektrum control works again, very bizarre.

FW: 1.2 7/27/2012

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