servo loop stops when script download

9 years 6 months ago #29528081 by quennel11205
I am using an SD1130 in position mode, with analog setpoint on A1 and pot feedback on A2. The servo loop runs and positions well.
I am now trying to use a (simple) script to derive a digital \'done\' signal by comparing the error with a fixed \'tolerance\' and SetCommand with _DSET,1 or _DRES,1 accordingly.
When ever I download the script it \'crashes\' the servo loop.
I added a \'watchdog\' to flash a second digital output so that I can see if the script is running and yes it does run but the servo loop is dead and the \'Run\' screen doesn\'t get any updates.

Is there a way to restart the servo loop without a power cycle?

The Roborun is Rev 1.2. 3/8/13
The SD1130 Firmware is v1.2 RCB90 02/26/2012

TIA, Jim Gibson

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