SBL1360 Shorted when under load

10 years 2 months ago - 10 years 2 months ago #29528907 by crazyboris1336a
I have an SBL1360 motor controller that has failed. I am using this controller to drive a 48 volt 650 watt motor. I am getting a short circuit blink code when I power it on. I can see that the board is damaged. It looks like there was an arc between a resistors and one of the wires on the board. It appears to have failed when I changed directions on the motor while it was under load. It's my understanding that this would have drawn a large current because of the high torque required, but the driver had a 20amp fuse in line with its power input as well as a 30 amp fuse in line with the battery for the system. These fuses have tripped in the past during over current errors but neither on tripped this time. The control was set to run in torque mode with an amp limit of twenty amps. The thing I am try to determine is if the failure was due to the driver being over loaded, and if so what I can do to prevent this from happening on my other controller. My motor is attached to a gear box and can't be back driven, so I don't believe this failure was due to regeneration. Any help would be appreciated

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