MDC2460 not properly outputting to other motor

7 years 6 months ago #29531819 by uwfstudent
Hello, my setup has two car batteries in series, and they are connected to the MDC2460 for power. We have the dg-158a as our motors.

When we use Roborun+ and increment the speed of the motors, one of the motors will be able to increment the speed properly, and the other will not move at all. The other motor only works when they are both incremented at max speed. We hooked up the motor that only operates at max speed to a power supply to see if it was a problem with our motor, and it was able to operate properly when we varied the current. We checked the wiring, and we believe that we did it properly as we had several members each look at it to see if there was anything off from the datasheet configuration. Roborun+ didn't show us a fault so we are not sure where the fault lies that is causing this problem.

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7 years 6 months ago #29531839 by niko

Please try the following:

- Make sure you are in open loop (deafault configuration).
- Connect one motor to channel 1 and check if the motor spins as it should in both directions.
- Connect same motor to channel 2 and check the same.
If one of the 2 channels is working and the other is not working properly do the following:
- Disconnect the motor.
- Set a small motor command (around 200)
- Use an oscilloscope between M+ and M- and check if you see PWM signals.

If not we have a hardware failure.

Let us know about the results.

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