DC torque mode - HDC2450S

6 years 8 months ago #29532639 by Desmo

I have a small electric bike project with the following setup

- Motenergy ME0909 motor
- 4x 6s 5ah lithium polymer batteries - 12s (~45v) @ 10ah
- HDC2450S with latest V1.7 firmware loaded.
- Standard Hall effect throttle driving the analog input on the db25 www.motiondynamics.com.au/hall-effect-tw...p-throttle-0001.html

This all works fine in open loop mode but is as expected difficult to ride.

In torque mode it -sort of works- however with the suggested settings of 0,1,0 it wont provide its full current output at full throttle. Just a very gentle ramp up to top speed. Open loop is dramatically more powerful. Adjusting the PID just results in the setup shuddering badly over I of 1. the other settings seem to not have any effect as a standard PID should? Odd.

Throttle is confirmed to be reaching +1000 motor command when stationary (can't datalog under movement due to usb crashing as to be expected). Current limit is set to 260 amps. Voltage limits have been disabled to eliminate that as a factor as has loop error detection. Power adjust is also 100% fwd and back. Acceleration has been set to 10rpm and 10,000rpm/s but also have tried many other values for acceleration by calculating actual acceleration time etc etc.

How can i achieve full current output under torque control mode? Will upload my configuration file soon. Thank you!

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6 years 8 months ago #29532641 by blake
Replied by blake on topic DC torque mode - HDC2450S
I will be happy to take a look as soon as you get a chance to upload your config file. If you are using a MicroBasic script please attach that as well

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