Triac motor controller

7 years 10 hours ago #29532714 by nikoki
I have build a circuit with the purpose of driving a ~1000VA AC motor. The motor controller fires a triac only at zero crossings. The circuit is as follows:

Both C2 and C1 are ceramic capacitors. R4 is a 5W resistor, the rest is regular 1/8W. The BTA208S-800E( datasheet ) has a proper heatsink mounted directly to it.

The problem is this: after a few seconds of operation the circuit gets really hot and a little later starts to malfunction (random firing, loss of speed control).

The motor is from a old vacuum cleaner and therefore I have no datasheet for it (Google didn't yield any results either).

The circuit is one found on the internet, since I do not have the required knowlegde to calculate RC snubbers.

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