FBL2360S Controller Failed

5 years 10 months ago #29533029 by jrrice1
While running a Motenergy ME 1305 Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) motor with a Roboteq FBL2360S controller configured to run Sinusoidal commutation with Hall sensor feedback. The controller was also configured to run in speed position mode. This mode worked best to hold set rpms to with .5rpms of the set point. One issue I was having is at a higher loaded RPM the motor would abruptly stop and start spinning again intermittently. Originally I thought I may be hitting the set current limit of the controller, but I wouldn’t have expected it to react so abruptly. I tired lowering the current limit down to a point that I knew it should take effect, but it didn’t seem to activate the current limit and continued to draw current well past the set current limit, until it started abruptly stopping and starting again. The second issue I was having is the unloaded and loaded motor was using approximately 3 times as much current in the clockwise direction compared to the counterclockwise direction, but ran smoothly in both directions. I tried adjusting the phase angle variable to see if that would even out current draw for both clockwise and counter clockwise motor rotation for the same RPM. Unfortunately, while making this adjustment on the unloaded motor and reversing motor direction from 180 rpm to -180 rpm, once the motor decelerated near 0 or started accelerating on the negative side the motor controller burned out. U24 on the controller failed.
So my questions to you are:
1) With the FBL2360S Controller, does the current limit work when in the speed position mode?
2) What could be causing the abrupt sporadic start and stops of the motor at higher RPM? I was thinking it possibly could be back EMF voltage causing an over voltage condition, but I am unable to pursue checking this because my controller is now dead. I have read of other users having this issue also, they say at around 45 Volts. Post #29532568 and #29532771.
3) Do you know any reason why the motor would use 3 times the current to run CW as opposed to CCW? Could it have been the phase angle?
4) What is U24 and why did it burn out at such a low RPM during a no load condition?
5) Is there any reason why this controller shouldn’t be appropriate for running a 48V PMAC Motor with sinusoidal commutation and hall feedback sensors?

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5 years 8 months ago #29533195 by Erik
Replied by Erik on topic FBL2360S Controller Failed
I can't answer your questions but i'm also curious if the current limiter is working well in speed position mode.

To be safe i use a fuse in the Vmot powerlines so if the limiter doesn't work the fuse will blow and not the controller or motors.

I don't understand why the Roboteqteam is not answering...

But when i let Blake control my Roboteq by remote assistance he reset all the values of the controller and let my motors run on full power without setting the values to protect my motors. My motors can't stand the full current of the controller for sure but luckily i noticed his mistake before any serious damage was done. He even didn't say sorry for that.

Sorry Blake, i don't want to take you down but you know it's true. I know you had to reset the controllersettings because it was giving strange behaviour (like counting backwards on the hallsensors) but you should have remembered to set the max. current to not blow my motors up (my motors can't handle 60 amps, only 10 max) . If i hadn't seen your change in the settings the motors (plus controller probably) would have been dead now and you guys would have big issues with my brothers who would send a claim.

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