HBL2360 with BLDC and hall sensors, second channel not working as expected

6 years 7 months ago #29533127 by Kopf
Hi all,

I have two identical motors (BLDC with hall sensors) attached to a HBL2360 (Firmware v1.8).
I want to use Closed-loop speed position mode for motor control. Both channels are configured identically.

The first channel works as expected. However the second channel does not calculate the hall position correctly.

To investigate the problem, I used the open-loop mode to drive the motors. The set value is 100 for both channels.
In the picture OpenLoop.png (see attached zip) in the upper diagram we can see the hall position of both channels and the expected curve.
In the lower diagram we can see the speed for both channels and the expected speed.
As we can see, both motors run smooth at (almost) the same speed as expected, but the position of channel 2 is not correct.

In closed-loop speed position mode (set value 500) the second motor runs too fast.
As we can see in the upper diagram (ClosedLoopSpeedPosition.png) all curves match as expected.
But the speed of the second motor is too high and disturbed.

The hall sensor signals are fine (checked with oscilloscope). I also swapped the motors, same behaviour for channel 2.


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6 years 6 months ago #29533194 by Erik
Why didn't this customer any help from the Roboteq team?

I learned that if they don't answer they don't know about the issue and also don't care. Well that can happen but at least they could give a reply here...that's what professional companies do.

Stefan i guess it's an error in the software, i had many issues like that and lost weeks of time, my hallsensor even counted backwards and Blake said that was normal...the motor behaved very erratic and it caused me a lot of damage to my robot, it even broke the housing.

After refusing to accept Blakes answer i got help from the other teammembers who finally wrote new software for the controller and that worked fine.

I still have to test my robot well because i built it in a new housing now which took me many weeks. I hope it all works well or my customer will be very disappointed and not accept it.

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