Cannot Run Motor Backwards

5 years 7 months ago #29533230 by GranMan
I recently acquired an SBL1360. The driver has been updated to the most recent available firmware and I am running the latest version of Roborun+ on the computer from which I control it.

I have a 3 phase,12 pole pair, BLDC motor which I am attempting to make run. It is important to my project than the motor can run forward and backwards comparably well. I am using closed loop speed mode with the 3 built-in hall sensors in the motor. When I run the motor for positive motor command values (drag the slider to the right), the motor starts and stops properly, reaching correct speeds with reasonable currents. However, when I send negative motor command values (slider to the left of 0), the motor stalls and the controller seems to dump current (in excess of 5 amps when the same speed setting in the other direction consumed less than a single amp) and stall.

Why can I not run my motor equally well forwards as backwards?

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5 years 7 months ago #29533246 by Erik
Replied by Erik on topic Cannot Run Motor Backwards
Why does Roboteq not give you any support???

Does it work well in open loop mode? Are the hall-sensors counting the right way if you turn the motor manually? So they count up and down if you spin the wheels by hand?

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