Second hex program download line always rejected

5 years 1 month ago #29533975 by harryc
On a 2460 with the latest firmware, except for one thing the rest works well. Reading & setting configuration values, queries and running a program via USB via a linux host.

In my application, I need to write a hex encoded version of the program into the controller now and then. I send the

dev.handle.write(b'%SLD 321654987\r')
which replies promptly with a
I send a line from the hex file, like:
it replies with a
I send the next line just as the first, and no matter what I get a
It's in a tight loop, I know it's not waiting a second between lines.
It's using the /dev/ttyACM0 linux driver.

I tried it on windows using Roborun+, manually clicking the in the same commands via the console, same result.
What am I missing?

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