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I recently bought two robots that include SDC2130 controller. The control was configured by the robot manufacturer and they are connected to an Arduino via RS232 to TLL controller. In most cases, everything is working fine. While I was using the robot I started to smell melting plastic. It seems that the mention converter is overheating reaching temperature well over 100 degrees C. The cause of this issue is still unclear as I am waiting for the robot manufacturer replay. In the meanwhile, I was reading the controller manual (V1.8 August 28, 2017) and on page 152 it is mention that "Newer Roboteq controller allow the RS232 signal to be non-inverted. Interfacing to Arduino or other TTL Serial interface can, therefore, be done with just a resistor, and 2 optional diodes as shown in the diagram below:".

Could I implement this solution on the SDC2130? By doing that I can remove the converter and hopefully solve my problem.

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You will have to check using ?UID if the controller uses our newer processor. The UID string will start with 300 if it does.

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