HDC2460 Is this normal?

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #29534348 by LROBBINS
Firemware = HDC24XX-Firmware-Update-v18d-010818. The attached screenshot shows behavior when commanded from the slider:

This is MixMode2 but the same happens in MixMode1. When decelerating, MotorPower 1 and 2 track each other as I'd expect, but when accelerating they do not. The attached ChartLog file indicates that this is not an anomaly in plotting the graph. The configuration profile (attached) has both channel 1 and channel 2 acceleration set at 2100.

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I reburned the 1.8 firmware via COM with no change. I then made the mistake of loading V. 1.7 and now have a controller which shows only a steady green light and does not communicate with the PC. With my older HDC2450 I was able to re-burn the system with an ST-Link ISP. Is this possible with the HDC2460?

Please advise:

(1) Is the mis-matched acceleration in the two channels as abnormal as it seems to me?

(2) How can I get this controller back to a functional state?

Lenny Robbins

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4 years 3 months ago #29534357 by LROBBINS
Replied by LROBBINS on topic HDC2460 Is this normal?

I hope that you guys have not been spending too much time puzzling over this as I've been able to resolve both issues.

Taking the second one first. I opened the HDC2460, found the ISP header in its new location, re-burned the MCU using the V1.8 hex file, and updated to V 1.8d via COM.

Then. The mis-matched acceleration of the two motors was entirely colpa mia. I eventually found a typo in the script that set ACCEL, M2 (which is configured = 2100) to the value of DECEL, M2 (=3100). Given that the script autostarted, pausing the script and using the sliders was just using that 1.5X too-high a value SetCommand'ed by the script.

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