MDC2460 - Protecting a power supply from regeneration

4 years 10 months ago #29534641 by emre1203

I'm working on an AGV and I have brushed DC motor controller MDC2460 now.

and I amusing a LifePo4 Battery in my application (24VDC 200AH) and I know that it will be dangerous to use lithium battery with pulse current caused by regeneration current and braking energy

I want to use the technique which is mentioned in "Protecting a power supply from regeneration " application note ( AN90727) , you will see in the attachment ,and would you inform me about Vzz, D1, D2 ,D3 ,R1

Which kind of battery should I use and what is the D1,D2,D3,R1 specs should be?

Motors will be 24v 500w permanent magnet brushed dc motor (2 motors with same specs)

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