HBL23120 in Closed Loop Position Count mode with Potentiometer

3 years 11 months ago #29534707 by verison

I recently got a unit of HBL23120 and configured it to run closed loop position count mode with a potentiometer.

I tried the motor under Open Loop and all numbers checked out, i.e. feedback from pot tallies with hall sensors, command directions.

However, when I changed the mode into Closed Loop Position Count, no matter which command I used, e.g. !P, !G, the motor wouldn't move at all. I tried switch the feedback sensor back to hall sensors, still no luck. I used such configuration few years back on another Roboteq BLDC controller and worked well.

The only difference I can observed was that
1. When "Other" was chosen as feedback sensor, I saw no loop error, i.e. ?E --> E=0.
2. When "Internal sensor" was chosen as feedback sensor, I could see there was loop error.

Motor didn't move at all under two cases.

The firmware version is "V2.0 HBL2xxxA 01/18/2019". Attached is the configuration I used on the controller with a 72V BLDC motor.

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Appreciate if anyone can give me a slightest clue about this.

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