BMS not detecting 3 of 6 cells, reporting Cell Undervolt and Bad SoH

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #29534723 by actual01

We have BMS1060BT, and 6-cell pack. The RoboBMS "Run" tab shows cells 1~3 green, but cells 4~6 zero volt, with "Cell Under Volt" and "Bad SoH" flags (screenshot attached). All voltages measure fine at the 16-pin MiniFit balancing connector (wiring image showing measured voltages, and from which pins, attached). Pack voltage is displayed as 11.61V, but measures at 23.14V (displayed value is almost exactly one-half of actual voltage).

I have updated the firmware to the latest on the website (v.1.3 September 27, 2018), performed a settings Default operation, and re-configured settings from scratch. This did not help. Configuration .xml file also attached.

Can you please advise us on what we should do to resolve this?

Thanks and kind regards,
PAB Innovations
New Zealand.

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2 years 9 months ago #29535510 by sr
The manual for 1060 says 8 - 15 cells, and for 1040 it says 6-10 cells. So according to the manual using 6 cells on 1060 is apparently not a valid configuration.

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