XDC2460 Pulse Output Control Issue

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Hello everyone,

I am currently using a XDC2460 motor controller to move 2 motors on a skid steer system. I am communicating to the roboteq controller from a Pixhawk 2.1 flight controller system using PWM signaling, utilising the Pulse inputs on pins 4 and 8 and have calibrated the pulse input duty cycles to fit me needs.

I am now running into a slight communication error which I cannot solve. I am looking to individually control the motors for testing. I am able to control one motor (motor 1) from the Pixhawk and can see the pulse input in the Roborun software, which translates effectively to the specified motor command for that motor.

When I go to test the second motor (motor 2), it does the same. However, when I go back to testing motor 1 again, whatever command value motor 2 was running at previously is somehow triggered by the motor 1 command. To be crystal clear, motor 2 will always move on its own, but whenever motor 1 runs, motor 2 will run based off the last command sent to it. This can even happen when only I wire up one of the pulse input pins, where if I had run Motor 1 running, if I remove the pulse input to motor 2, motor 2 will still run.

This seems to be a specific issue with the Roboteq/Roborun software (almost as if the system is utilising a beffered value) as the Pixhawk controller does not send any signal apart from the specified motor which it wants to move and the Roborun software only is ever receiving 1 pulse signal. So far I have tried re-flashing the firmware, using older version of the firmware, re-calibrated the pulse signaling but have not been able to solve this issue.

If anyone can help that would be incredible. Happy to specify further what I have tried and what the issue is.

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