SetCommand(_G, X, XXXX) Issue..Can you help?

4 years 2 months ago #29534887 by zeethree50

I am working on a script that does a small safety check by detecting the Amps and throwing an Amp Trigger once it passes a certain threshold.

My problem with the script is that I can control my device using the slider or via console on Roborun+. I am using the SDC3260.

Once I run the script, I can do the following:

If this, then
setcommand(_G, X, XXX)

This is simple pseudo code. I'm sure you know I mean. The problem is that once I call setcommand via the script. I can no longer trigger commands via the slider or console on the Roborun+ unless I turn it off and on.

Why is this? I've tried multiple ways to work around this, but the main question leads to the same: "Why do I lose control of the device after I give it a setcommand to go to a set position via Script?"

Can you help me?

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