SBLM2360T stays in "Short Detected" -- hard reset?

7 months 3 weeks ago #29534923 by Peter Degen-Portnoy
I have two SBLM2360T controllers and two custom built BLDC motors. After getting one motor connected and tested, I downloaded the "Self Test" microbasic script and ran it on Controller #1 using Motor #1 connects connected to BLDC #1. The controller went into a short mode fairly quickly and, now, with every power-on flashes "Short Detected" on the status LED and the console prints "Starting ..." six times, but the controller is never discovered by the Roborun+ utility.

I've swapped motors and then swapped controllers. Controller #2 powers on successfully and I've upgrade the firmware to 2.01 over the Serial connection. I was hoping that I'd be able to use the firmware upgrade to reset Controller #1, but. as mentioned, Roborun+ never detects the controller (using either USB or RS-232). I've also tried using the Motor #2 set of connectors on Controller #1 in case the problem was constrained to Motor #1 but there was no change in apparent behavior.

Is there any other way of forcing a factory reset for this controller?

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