SBLM2360T stays in "Short Detected" -- hard reset?

1 year 6 months ago #29534923 by Peter Degen-Portnoy
I have two SBLM2360T controllers and two custom built BLDC motors. After getting one motor connected and tested, I downloaded the "Self Test" microbasic script and ran it on Controller #1 using Motor #1 connects connected to BLDC #1. The controller went into a short mode fairly quickly and, now, with every power-on flashes "Short Detected" on the status LED and the console prints "Starting ..." six times, but the controller is never discovered by the Roborun+ utility.

I've swapped motors and then swapped controllers. Controller #2 powers on successfully and I've upgrade the firmware to 2.01 over the Serial connection. I was hoping that I'd be able to use the firmware upgrade to reset Controller #1, but. as mentioned, Roborun+ never detects the controller (using either USB or RS-232). I've also tried using the Motor #2 set of connectors on Controller #1 in case the problem was constrained to Motor #1 but there was no change in apparent behavior.

Is there any other way of forcing a factory reset for this controller?

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8 months 4 weeks ago #29535249 by Athanasios
Dear Peter,
I can't understand what you mean. 
If you have short after some time the controller goes to DFU mode
Please try to disconnect everything from the controller that does not connect.
1 then give power supply to Pctl and GND
2 connect with RS232 adapter
3 open the roborun+ utility 
4 go to console tab
5 klick update controller firmware cia com port
6 see from device manager the port that is used
7 choose manually select the controller port
8 choose the firmware
9 when resetting the controller is active power off and on the controller

for this to work you need an other firmware version from the one the controller use to have. 
let me know if this solves the issue

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8 months 3 weeks ago #29535255 by PDP
Hi Athanasios;

It seems you are correct and the steps you provided allowed me to install new firmware and recover the controller.

Thank you!


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