sdc2160 lot 1822 from usa hang up after 5 ESTOP events.

2 years 9 months ago #29534933 by svikvik
sdc2160 lot 1822 from usa hang up and stop working after 5 ESTOP events.

Where as any other lot such as 1820 from china work just fine.
Even older usa lots 1726 work just fine.

After doing 5 ESTOPs, 5 seconds apart the SDC2160 stops working.
A power cycle by removing the 36V power wire will reset it and then it starts working again, as it nothing happened.

This problem is repeatable 100% of the time and ONLY shows up on LOT 1822.

Do you know if there is a manufacturing problem with LOT1822.
And how can the controller have memory to lock up after 5 ESTOP power cycles.
Not the CAN bus commands may still be active during this power cycle of just the drives.
We have 3 roboteq controllers in this system.

Any suggestions????

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