SBL2360 Two Motor Closed Loop Problem

4 months 1 week ago - 4 months 1 week ago #29534983 by Murat
My name is Murat from Turkey. We are developing an AGV in our company. In our motion system motor is driver SBL2360 and motors are  two Oriental motor BHLM5100KC brushless dc motor. We have configured the SBL2360 succesfully and running motors either closed loop and open loop. But in closed loop we have a problem with ROS and Roborun+ utility.
The problem is starting when we are changing tab while spinning motors in closed loop in Roborun+ pc utility. If we change tab while motors spining for example change to console tab, first motor stops as expected but second motor keeps spining. I tried to remove serial port from pc to stop it but it keeps spining. There is another strange behavior that if you turn back to run tab again it stops. This bug or issue whatever you call it is very critical and important for safety of our AGV. If you can help us we will be appreciated.
Edit: I turned off the watch dog timer. Now if you change tab none of the motors stoping but if you turn back to run tab both of them stops.
Best Regards,
Mehmet Murat Elbeyli
Note: I attached the configuration profile file of our SBL2360

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