RC5 cable breakout board questions for Remote Wire Pin out?

3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #29535082 by KD
hi my RC5 Cable board i had just received as well as my Robteq GDC3660E motor controller. the manual  says PIN 25 is the Remote Ctr power wire on the DB25 female thats on this controller and  the RC5 breakout board uses that whole 25pin on my GDC3660E and leaves me with only a DB9 connection? so my question is: whats the power ctr pin  on/off pin for a DB9 when using a break out board thats ment for my Motor Controller when it leaves me with only an DB9  connection to use??  no power Controll yellow and black wire that are coming out of this motor controller,  i have no idea how to do this so i can even turn on my Motor Controller with a second battery and a switch like i could before with the yellow and black wire on a HDC2472 motor controller 

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