No longer able to power MGS1600GY by DSUB

3 years 4 months ago #29535198 by Chris_ENG
Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I didn't see a specific section for the magnetic sensors so I thought this would be the closest fit.

So we were recently running some tests on an AGV that uses x4 Magnetic Sensors when suddenly only one of the four sensors would turn on. They are powered directly from a 24V power source at the DSUB connection.

The connection itself is good. We swapped the connection between the working Magnetic Sensor and the not working one and the working one powered on just fine at that connection but the other one still would not. However, we found that the three that wouldn't turn on could still be powered on and work when connected to a laptop via USB. We also tested it with a piece of magnetic tape and it was able to read it as well as the still working one.

What we think might have happened is when we moved the AGV,  the motors sent power to the controller and then to everything else from the controller. We might have done this quickly enough that the sudden jump in voltage/current tripped or damaged something in the magnetic sensors.

Since these sensors are still working when powered by USB, we were wanting to know why it won't receive power from the DSUB connection and if there was a way for us to get them working again?

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