Position mode not working with analog motor feedback

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Hello, first of all, I love the simplicity of these motor controllers and the software used to configure them. They are incredibly powerful and feature rich. I am having a heck of a time getting any position mode to work properly using analog feedback and could really use some help. I've spent *many* hours trying to get good consistent behavior from this controller. I had it at one point with what I thought was the same configuration, but now it isn't working again. Here is the setup:
Controller: MDC2460
Linear Actuator from Progressive Automations model PA-04-6-100
Analog string pot connected to the end of the actuator arm.

I'm actually running into a couple of problems. I have a hardware rev 2 version and a hardware rev 3 version of this controller. With the rev2 version, I cannot get any of the values to stick when saving configuration in Roborun (haven't tried using serial commnands.) I just find it odd that I save the configuration and then when it is read again, all the values go back to the ones they were before.

On the v3 controller, I'm having a heck of a time getting the actuator to return to the same position when I provide a new GO 1 <position> value. For example, If I fully retract it and then go back to center with GO 1 0 then it doesn't actually make it all the way to center. The same is true for the other end. I can fully extend it and then send it back to center and falls short of the target. To me this screams PID tuning problem, but I am really struggling to get that dialed in right.

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