Command issue when using CAN runtime commands and RPDO

2 years 6 months ago #29535384 by Misha
Good day

I am running into some issues with commanding the Robotq motor controller. Below I have described my setup, what I have done so far and then the issues I am having

2xRoboteq SBL2306T brushless motor controller
2x brushless motors by Nanotec

What have I done:
1. I have configured the motor controller to run perfectly in closed loop velocity mode using Roborun+. To clarify, using Roborun+ I can control the motor in forward/reverse to 3000RPM which I specified. I have also preliminarily configured PID values
2. I am using both Hall sensors and Encoders for feedback data
3. CAN: 
    i) I need the system to run on CANopen
    ii) I have managed to set up two TPDO's. The first for encoder feedback and the second for fault and status feedback. These work great
    iii) I have limited control, but I am able to control the motor using either:
        a) RPDO1: is configured with Target Velocity CH1 (0x6042) and Target Velocity CH2 (0x6842)
        b) Or using direct runtime commands like:
                   2B 02 20 01 XX XX 00 00               - channel 1
                   2B 02 20 02 XX XX 00 00               - channel 2

Questions and problems:
1. When using Runtime Command: "Set Motor Command" (0x2000) I run into a strange thing. 
    a) When I use the following command 23 00 20 01 XX XX XX XX I can succesfully control the motor. 
    b) As soon as I try and control motor two using 23 00 20 02 YY YY YY YY the motor mixes signals and now starts moving both motors at strange command values
    c) if I try reverting to using motor one only, as in step 1.a. I have the same problem where now both motors are commanded with strange command values. 
    d) I can get the motor to work in reverse if I only do step one and I invert the bit mapping as one does. To clarify if I do 23 00 20 01 FF FF FF FF I get a -1 command as expected. 
2. Since "Set Motor Command" does not work, I tried the runtime command "Set Velocity" (0x2002). 
    a) forward works great
    b) How do I get the motor to work in reverse?
3. I then tried setting up the RPDO using (0x6042) and (0x6842). 
    a) again forward works great
    b) how do I get reverse to work?

I know these are a lot of questions, but the documenation on this is very weak and there is little help online. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you

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