RGBL1896 + QS Motor 3000W motor n/w

1 year 2 months ago #29535418 by Jasonx3
Hello all,

I'm having some difficulty with a machine built around 2 x RGBL1896 controllers and QS Motor 3000w hub motors. The right hand side motor and controller appear to work fine; Motor/Sensor setup runs happily and I can drive the motor in the run tab both directions smoothly. The left hand side motor also runs through Motor/Sensor setup fine, but the motor won't turn more than about a 1/4 turn (these are 23 pole pair motors) before stopping and giving a Motor/Sensor fault light in the Run tab.

I swapped the right controller to the left motor, and see the same errors. I've tried all 6 combinations of motor phase wiring, without any luck. Motor Characterisation fails with a communication error for both sides.

I'll attach a photo of the results of the Motor/Sensor setup process below - the top run in the diagnostics window is the left motor with original controller. The second run is the right motor and controller. The last one is the right controller with the non-working left motor. I don't know how to interpret the numbers but do they look right/make sense?

Both controllers are about 3-4 years old. Both have been updated to firmware v2.1.

Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated.Regards,Jason 

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