BMS 1040A change to Idle mode after connected to load

2 years 11 months ago #29535441 by Toka
Hi, when connected to a load (a DC to DC converter), the battery management system goes right into Idle mode upon statup. (Status LED is always off).
Does anyone know what can lead to this happening?
According to the presets on the "RoboBMS PC Utility" the max current is set to 100A, and the current does not come anywhere near this value, so It doesn't seem to be over current or Short circuit protection (which is also set to "slow" or even "disable"). When the user button is presseed (DIN1) the BMS changes breifly to active mode before returning to IDLE, there are no warning, messages or indicators on the "RoboBMS Utility". While connecting to other loads, the BMS seems to work fine. 

Thanks in advance, 

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