SDC2160s 2.1 Short Fault

1 year 5 months ago #29535460 by cadomanis
We are working on a duplicate of a machine that we built about a year ago.  Everything about mechanics and electronics is all the same except that the drive this time has the latest 2.1 firmware and the older drive had the 2.0 firmware.  With the machine under a light/bo load, everything runs as expected using all the configurations we used on the old machine.  When we put the machine under its typical load, the motor runs for a very brief time, and then the drive faults with a Short error. We have confirmed all wiring and repeated testing with light loads and we get no faults and the machine performs well.

On the old machine, we have set the Shot Circuit Detection to Low - THDLD2.  That setting no longer appears in RoboRun 2.1.  when I queried the drive it response with THLD0. I used the ^THLD2 command and an EESAV and the drive now reports THLD2, but I suspect it is not making anything different in the drive based on the fact that the 2.1 manual and firmware don't seem to include that command?

If there is any testing or suggestions you have about how to resolve this problem we would love to hear them.  We are supposed to ship the machine very soon, but at present are unable to make it work.

Thanks, Chuck

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