GBL2660T FW2.1 Short Fault

1 year 8 months ago #29535463 by infoa
    We have 4 GBL2660T motor controller. Motor 1 is configured using Close Loop Speed and motor 2 use Close Loop Count Position 
    We use FW v.2.1, November 20 2020 and Motor Control Utility Rev 2.1 12/22/20. With this configuration, we can move only 1 motor at a time. If we move both motors together, we obtain a Short Circuit fault.
    We have change firmware version to Firmware v.2.01, November 14, 2019 [With Motor Control Utility Rev 2.1 12/22/20] and using Short Circuit Protection with low value, we can work without problem. But now, we can not desactivate Loop Error Detection [SED doesnt exist in FW v.2.01. ] 
    Could you give us any solution ? Short Circuit Protection appeared several times in the forum messages, but there is not proposed solution, we prefer work with FW v.2.1.

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