MDC1460 Failure. Unknown Status LED Pattern. Susceptibility to radiated emission

1 year 9 months ago #29535498 by RichardF
I have an MDC1460 installed in a small building on my land, whose job is to move a 1000kg rolling roof (it's an astronomical observatory). 2 nights ago we had a violent local thunderstorm, and the following night (last night) the roof could not move. 

I have a contactor controlling the current as shown in the RoboteQ documentation and the state of the contactor is controlled by (amongst other things) a relay connected to DOUT2, which is set to the "No MOSFET Fail" condition. That relay is clicking every 1 to 2 seconds, in time with flashing of the Status LED. I have taken a slo-mo movie of that LED: it flashes rapidly 19 times, followed by a pause, then repeats. I can't find a reference to this in any documentation.

I did manage to connect RoboRun Plus to it, ling enough to download the configuration and start to look at faults (I couldn't see any). Then it lost contact and hasn't been able to reconnect.

One year and 3 weeks ago I posted message [url]#29535113[/url], about a short circuit in an MDC1460 controller following a thunderstorm. There was no response.

Following that incident I bought 2 new MDC1460's (one being a spare in case of future problems, such as the problem I now have).

It looks like the MDC1460 is susceptible to damage from nearby thunderstorms, probably by radiated emission. The wires connecting the controller to the motor are as short as possible, about 20cm. Is this susceptibility a known problem? Are there any ways to mitigate the risk?

Richard Francis

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