Brushed Motor Controller Closed Loop

1 year 4 months ago #29535523 by adonis

We are having issues with closed loop control on the XDC2460 and we blew through a couple controllers trying to get it working. We can confirm that open-loop mode works well for us.

The error varies on every controller - we get either a short fault, overvoltage fault, or sometimes the controller doesn't switch on.

From open-loop to closed-loop, we made the following changes to the configuration:
- Setup encoders on both channels
- Changed operating-mode to Closed-Loop speed on both channels
- Set our Closed-Loop speed PID to (0,1,0) on both channels

I know that if I set any derivative value on the PID the motor controller breaks down so I've learned to always keep that set to zero.

The faults don't happen right away, they show up randomly. We tried switching the controller on/off, reuploading the configuration, and even resetting the firmware.

I have a feeling that the controller cannot properly regulate its current limits or accel/decel limits in closed-loop mode and something inside ends up frying itself. We have our current-limit on both channels set to 70A. The accel/decel values are set to a moderate value (takes about 1 second to go from 0-100%).

Let me know if there is something I'm missing - any help will be appreciated.


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