Test controller with oscilloscope

8 months 4 weeks ago #29535525 by abrown

I have my Roboteq SBL2360T powered with 26V. Before I even connect it to my motor I'd like to check with an oscilloscope to see that I get PWM output.

What I did:
I have my controller set to open loop mode. I loaded a script with setcommand(_G, 1, 300) to the controller (I have tried it in a loop and without a loop).

What I expect to see:
Probing the U V and W outputs I expect to see PWM signal.

What I'm actually seeing:
Constant 6.8V signal on each of the outputs. I have tried changing the source voltage and it always shows 6.8V.

Not sure what to try next.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #29535552 by iops425
HI, are you running it in sensor or sensorless? If  sensored and you have not done your Hall sensor map correctly I would guess you would probably not get an invalid motor signal on any phase. The manual says test the 6 possible combinations using the ^HSM [c] [n] command where c is channel and n is number. The maps are values 0-5. It also says test at less than 10% and your command is 300 so close to 30% many of the invalid hall sensor maps result in completely screwed PWM output and or tripping of stall etc. 

Try the hall sensor mapping first. Good luck

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