Issue with SIN/COS-encoder and SBL2360T

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #29535593 by _joas

we use a SBL2360T to drive a BLDC-wheel-hub-motor. The motor is with SIN/COS-encoder (AS5115) and has 11 pole-pairs.

In general: when using another direct-drive-BLDC with Hall-sensors, the driving works in principle.
When changing to BLDC-drive, we are facing problems with SIN/COS-encoder (even without driving the BLDC with power).

The signal-detection seems very noise, the number of pole-pairs multiplies the noise, in fact we have the overal value-range in electrical-angle even when the motor is not turning.
This behavior does not change, when we use an arbitrary-signal-generator to generate the SIN/COS-signal

Is there any way to filter the signal internally? Or do you see any other possibilites? Or do you have any ideas?

See attached some screenshots.
=> No current, manual turning, 1 pole-pair configured (config is wrong, but only to see the electrical-/sensor-signal)

=> No current, manual turning, 11 pole-pairs configured

Thanks and best regards,

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