Problem with using three SBLM2360Ts to control 6 BLDC motors

1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #29535658 by jmpark
We are currently using 3 SBLM2360Ts to control 6 BLDC motors.

All three controllers are connected through CAN with terminal resistors at each end. The controllers are set up to use RoboCAN, wherein each controller has a unique node ID (1 - 3) and the Bit Rate set to 500. The Listen Node is set to 0 for all controllers. All controllers are set to work in closed-loop speed control with encoder feedback. We are sending commands for each motor to one of the controllers through RS232.

The problem is that we are experiencing unexpected behavior when we send six commands at once. An example command looks like

@01!S 1 30_@01!S 2 30_@02!S 1 30_@02!S 2 30_@03!S 1 30_@03!S 2 30_

which should make all 6 motors spin at 30 RPM. However, only five of the motors behave as expected, and one of the motors does not move, even when six acknowledgments ('+') have been received. Interestingly, when we only send five commands, such as the one below, the corresponding five motors respond as expected.

@01!S 1 30_@01!S 2 30_@02!S 1 30_@02!S 2 30_@03!S 1 30_

What is going wrong? Please refer to the attached screenshot that shows the configuration of the controller. The firmware is v2.1.

FYI, we have no problems when using the same setup and commands but with 3 SBL2360Ts.

Thank you in advance.

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