Update firmware via COM port won't work - Device starting string not detected

3 weeks 4 days ago - 3 weeks 4 days ago #29536173 by Raam
Hello,I am trying to update the firmware file the latest firmware for SBLMG2360T  "SBLM2XXX-Firmware-Update-v201-111419.bin" to my *Bricked* SBLMG2360T via COM port because it is not possible via USB (because its bricked and cant recognize it).When I program it, it shows at the log that a restart is needed but it won't happen, I tried for more than 20 times.I have the newest version of Roborun as you can see in the attached image.I have read before that I need to restart the SBL manually but it didn't work as shown in the attached image.What should I do? 

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