Sample LabView VI or Driver package for communicating with NexGen controllers

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Working example of port arbitration

* Builds array of available ports
* Sorts down to COM ports only
* Pings out with a QRY
* Accepts any port that echo's QRY
* Closes any port that does not and tries next
* Pop's up and reports if no RoboteQ present

Imperfect code but working code.
Works with USB and RS232 (via USB dongle) seamlessly

False Indicates on any device which ECHO's... so even a USB to RS-232 dongle with pins 2/3 shorted will pass this test.

** The #1 fail I see in the field is R&D (aka benchtop) code making it to the Assembly line or into production where issues around COM ports, Virtual COM Ports, etc... causes much grief. Every time you plug a unique device into a computer it bumps the COM port... you can get up into 24... 25... and on a system with many things attached to the COM port you can waste time and get frustrated trying each port. I cant tell you how many times I have seen guys trying to work on the assembly line, plugging and unplugging USB devices, switching USB ports, restarting COM terminals, pulling their hair out... totally unnecessary.

To be a good Engineer you need experience in R&D, Quality, Production, Systems.... and back in my day... you did not get to be an R&D engineer until you understood all the downstream positions.

Anyhow... when you get into a position where you have a pallet of RoboteQ's ready for install and you are trying to get them all flashed... building the right tools will start to make sense. In school one of my professors told us: "We are TOOL makers, not problem solvers".


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