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5 years 10 months ago #29532106 by gg
USB crash was created by gg
I've been using Roborun controllers for over a year now, and I've noticed the following:

when you just power on a new controller and connect it to the PC via USB and the motor for the first time, the controller will crash if you try to spin the motor to its full RPM. (Roborun says "controller lost"). Then, I noticed that the PC is usually battery powered. And if you connect the PC to a power supply, the problem seems to go away.

I note that the manual talks about USB being unstable, but this is one way that I've found it to be unstable: with the PC being battery-powered. Add a wall power supply and the problem goes away -- FYI and any comments are appreciated.

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5 years 8 months ago #29532306 by Erik
Replied by Erik on topic USB crash
I got loads of crashes/shutdowns and what not but it's because i just bought the Roboteq and am just experimenting before mounting everything properly and wasting my casing/wires/connectors and so on...better test it all first.

I do have issues with my notebook adapter though, still didn't figure out wether it's the adapter itself or the combination with roborun.

What i find really annoying/very dangerous is the fact my robot started running full power (the thing is 30kg/60 lbs) but will soon be 40kg/80 lbs and can easy kill a child when driving full power into it.
This happened when i tried out the closed loop and uploaded it to the controller, without any motorcommand it started running.
Lucky i could grab it and had an emergency switch mounted.

But i know that new technology will always have issues and forums are great to solve them, together we are strong. The reason i choosed for Roboteq is they do have a forum and speak english instead of chinese/japanese which i can't read/speak.

When i upload new Robo-firmware it also doesn't go smooth but the same goes for Windows10 or the latest Android versions. I have a paid version of Windows and it still has loads of errors. I bought this DELL notebook because it's american and i expected to have less issues with using Windows, well unfortunately that isn't the case.

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