RoboAGVSim dual direction robot settings - BUG?

4 years 3 months ago #29534690 by asyraf9

I was playing around with the RoboAGVSim, and i was programming my robot to use both the front and rear sensors on the AGV.

In order to reverse direction i tried:

1) reverse the direction of the motors via setconfig(_MDIR, 1, 0) etc. This didnt work in the simulator. the AGV continues to go forward using the what is set as forward in the simulators AGV

2) i then programmatically reversed the motors via setting throttle to negative. This works, and may seem to be a good way moving forward.

HOWEVER, when i programmatically set the throttle to negative, and switched my sensor reading to the rear sensors - I found that the rear sensor seems inverted. left markers are detected as right (and vice versa) and turns (magnetic tape readings) are also flipped. it's as if you put both front and rear sensors facing forward - which doesnt make sense to me. no AGV will be installed with magsensors facing forward only.

it seems changing the profile settings (in my case _MDIR and flipping pulse input for magsensor2 capture polarity to inverted) don't do much. Am i missing something here? please help. thank you!

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